Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and officials passed the security people for changing security landscape for Japan for many reasons.

Expanding Japan’s defense power was cleared and is almost certain to become a law during the parliamentary session.

China building islands in the South China Sea that contains runways and ports this is criminal and brings fear not only to Japan but surrounding islands and countries as we ll. China planes approaching Japan’s air space in the East China Sea has grown over the past 5 years. Military ships have upped their activity in the Pacific, and it’s raising concerns and the risk of unforeseen conflict.

North Korea continuing to develop nuclear weapons poses a major threat to Japan.

ISIS Is a financially well funded group that the entire world is fearing yet it is closer to our homes then you think. This group has Japan shifting the security environment hands down to Japan for taking action.

The best part the SDF to defend during peacetime U.S ships and aircrafts will engage in the warning and surveillance activity related to Japanese security.